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desserts and beverages in the cuisine of Pakistan are the toppers of the category. The recipes that you will find in the cuisine of Pakistan will quite resemble from those found in the Turkish, Afghani and Iranian cuisines and there will not be any pork meat used in any of the recipes. There are many mouth savoring vegetable recipes, soup recipes and many recipes to delightful appetizers which will definitely nip your hunger righ.

the cuisine of Pakistan, each of them being as diverse as the region and its people. You will find many of the Pakistani recipes to be quite spicy, made with the finest of all delicacies. There are various recipes for different kinds of rice cooking, parathas, kebabs, barbequed chicken, fish and lam meat. 

Spicy Chicken Pizza recipe:

This Spicy Chicken Pizza recipe has always been one of the most popular at my Cafés. It's a wonderful, hearty pizza, spicy and delicious, perfect for dinner for a family. With two kinds of cheese and a variety of vegetables, this chicken pizza will be a huge hit. And, make sure to check out all our other pizza-style tart. The crust is a clever cottage cheese pastry—easy to make and low in saturated fat yet very rich and tender. If you've ever eaten at South Asian Pizza Kitchen, chances are you've tried the restaurant's most signature menu item, its BBQ chicken pizza. The unconventional pie, which was introduced at the opening of Karachi restaurant in 1995, became instantly popular and opened the door to the idea of nontraditional toppings on a pizza crust. While the all-American combination of sweet and spicy barbecued chicken,

Salman asad better known as Chef salman is a Pakistani Recipes masala tv recipes on television chef by profision, host, hotelier and food personality who has appeared on cooking programs on Indus TV [citation needed], Pakistani media and Masala TV He is an expert on Pakistani cuisine as well as international cuisine. Salman asad only hobby is Cooking and his favorite places are Medina and Cape Town. He never ever pointed or criticized anything related to cooking. For the past 31 years he was out of his own country just for when people call him to open a restaurant and all other stuff.


Profession Career and Practical Life:

Chef salman started his professional career in 1980 by practicing at Sheraton Hotel Karachi. Six months later he continued practicing at Avari Hotel. The after a year he went to Pearl Continental Hotel Karachi.

Six months later Chef salman moved to Ksa, Kingdom of saudia arabia where he spent two years working in two famous hotels of that time, then he went to Hong kong in 1988 where he stayed for a year. After a year he went to South Africa for eight years where he studied as well as done some jobs in various hotels and restaurants. After that he moved to Botswana and lived there for 3 years.After his stay in United Kingdom for 11 years he made his return to Pakistan where he started his TV career for Indus TV. Then in year 2006 he started working for Hum TV then after that in 2007 he joined Masala TV. He is the top ranking chef of Pakistan and one of the best in the world. He is also popular in foreign countries

Pacific rim cuisine:

Pacific rim cuisine, which combines the different cuisines of the various island nations fusion food is a general term for the combination of various forms of cookery and comes in several forms. Regional fusion combines different cuisines of a region or sub-region into a single eating experience. Asian fusion restaurants, which combine the various cuisines of different Asian countries, have become popular in many parts of the United States and United Kingdom.

East Asian, and South-East Asian dishes alongside one another and offering dishes that are inspired combinations of such cuisines. California cuisine is considered a fusion culture, taking inspiration particularly from Italy, France, Mexico, The idea of the European delicatessen, and eastern Asia, and then creating traditional dishes from these cultures with non-traditional ingredients - such as California pizza. Other examples of this style include Tex-Mex, which combines southwest United States cuisine and Mexican cuisines,

Cooking Recipes egg potatoes chips .

we will lose our calories and feel tired and sick that’s why it’s very important Part to how easily cooking recipe and food with easy way in few sec with.If peoples  chef and may be simple cooking make something that’s mean fine and good for them and they will knowing surf time internet how to cooking recipes with simple way and with different taste and mode depend on your region what’s there cooking food  and what there like to cook food now days.it’s very simple to cook egg potatoes chips and French fries with few sec and cooking is very simple now and lots of macro oven and others electronics devices and machine available in market just you buy and you are near to cooking recipe with easy way everyone in world want to easy way and find short cut to survive in life and success now days not have time to going restaurant and other places to sit and talk with people every one now focus in his future and life every one need easily cooking recipes and wish to quick eaten and cooking recipe in our life cooking food and recipe it’s very important Parts for our life if we can’t eaten food.





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